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    UPerform Agile Academy is the leading provider of Scrum and Agile coaching and organization transformational consulting services in Greater China, South-East Asia and North America since 2007, founded by one early Scrum pioneer, Bill Li (CST/MBA), in Shanghai, being the first Scrum Alliance REP and first member of Agile Alliance in Greater China.

    Supported by well-recognized Agile Coaches including Vernon Stinebaker (CST/CEC/PCC), Bill Li (CST/MBA) and Jacky Shen (CST/CTC/CPCP), all our core team members are with extensive real-world experiences and very importantly, great coaching leadership and organizational insights into challenging agility transformation and innovative product development context. (Visit our website in Chinese, 访问优普丰敏捷学院中文站:www.2elwxq.cn)

    We provide Agile coaching and consulting, as well as Certified Scrum trainings (CSM, CSPO, CSD, CAL etc.) in Chinese & English delivery in either public class or private onsite format, with full-range of extended training programs including Lean-Startup, Design Thinking, LeSS, Kanban, Innovation, Agile Coaching, and Agile Boot-Camp.

    For our current Certified Scrum Training public class schedule in English, please visit: https://certification.scrumalliance.org/organizations/3-8-uperform/courses/upcoming

    For class listing in Chinese display:? www.2elwxq.cn

    For class listing in English display:? www.ScrumChina.com

    ?scrum certifications

    Our Clients

    List of Services

    • Agile Coaching / Assessing / Consulting for Organizational Agile Transformation
    • 1-on-1 Coaching for Certified Scrum Professional (CSP / UCAC)
    • Certified Advanced Certified ScrumMaster / Advance Agile Coach (A-CSM, CSP-SM, A-CSPO, CSP-PO)
    • Certified ScrumMaster(CSM)
    • Certified Product Owner(CSPO)
    • Certified Scrum Developer(CSD)
    • Agile Foundation for Senior Management
    • Certified Agile Leadership (CAL)
    • Lean Kanban
    • Large Scale Scrum (LeSS/CLB/CLP) and other scaling agile methods
    • Management 3.0 Certified
    • Continuous Integration / CI / CD / DevOps

    Contact Us at

    Tel: +86-21-63809913
    Shanghai: Naked Hub, 7/F, Building No.1, Hongqiao Hub, 818 Shenchang Road, Shanghai (200335)
    Canada: 15-6233 Katsura Street, Richmond, BC, Canada, V6Y4K1

    Passion, Mission, Values

    Our Passion: to promote Scrum and contribute in building great Agility in VUCA era with positive social and economic impact

    Our Mission: to help clients and individuals develop Agile mindset and competence with hyper-performance, in order to produce the best possible outcome

    Our Service: Training, Coaching, and Transformational Consulting

    Our Core Values:? Openness, Courage, Focus, Joy, and Simplicity

    Anti-Spam Policy: This statement applies to UPerform websites and services that display or link to this notice (“Services”). UPerform prohibits the use of the Services in any manner associated with the transmission, distribution or delivery of any unsolicited bulk or unsolicited commercial e-mail (“Spam”) or other types of electronic messages.

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